City-State Map

    Read chapter 3 in your text book. Carefully read the section titled "City-State". You may have to reread it a few times, which good readers do to make sure they understand it fully. Instead of writing a summary of what a city-state is like, draw a picture. You can use symbols to stand for objects within the city. Make sure you include a key so I can identify them. Recall the examples you saw in class. Please include the following objects on your map.                                                                                       

    1.   name of city-state                                    

    2.   compass rose

    3.   key

    4.   ziggurat

    5.   city wall

    6.   winding roads

    7.   gate

    8.   farmland

    9.   government buildings


    11.rich houses

    12.middle class houses

    13.poor houses
    The other project in this unit is the King Tut Webquest. Please refer to that link on the website for information.