Shoebox Archeology


    Archeologists study the remains of past human life and cultures. Archeologists use artifacts, or things made by people long ago, to learn how people lived in the past. Many past cultures did not have written records, so this is the only way we can learn about them.


    Artifacts do not have to be works of art. They can be anything made by people such as tools, pottery, or other crafts.


    Your classmates will be “digging” up artifacts about your lifestyle and personality. You will supply the artifacts.



    1.  a shoebox to place your artifacts in

    2.  artifacts from your grandparents – photo, coins, shell, charm, etc…anything that reminds you of your grandparents.

    3.  artifacts from your parents….again, anything that fits in the box and is school appropriate

    4.  artifacts from you – same rules apply…you can include a picture of yourself, but make sure its from your past (BABY picture) because you don’t want to make it easy to figure you out!


    All artifacts must fit in the shoebox and must be school appropriate.


    Please do not bring anything to school that you do not want to become lost or stolen. I can’t be everywhere in the room all the time, and I do trust your fellow students – but lets play it safe.