• Birthday Books
    Welcome Parents!
    We are offering a new and exciting opportunity to celebrate your child's birthday.  Imagine giving a gift in honor of your son or daughter that can be enjoyed by your child, their friends, and all students of Jacksonwald Elementary School.


    To participate, the donation form that was sent home should be filled out and handed in to your child's homeroom teacher by the date set in the letter.  One order will be placed for all students who participate.  On your child's birthday or half birthday, he or she will be invited to come to the library and choose a book from our large selection.  A special bookplate will be inserted to the selected book, and your child will be the first student to check that book out.
    If you have misplaced your letter, I have added a link below to the form so that you can print it out at home.
    Sample Book Plate
    Purchases May Include:


    pumpkinHoliday and Seasonal Storiespilgrim hat
    glass slipperFolk and Fairy Tales

    Favorite Illustratorspainter