• What is the Purpose of School Board Committee Work?

    School Board committees can divide the labor of governing into manageable categories, enabling board members to delve into governing matters in greater detail than is possible at the full board level. As such, board members are better prepared for full board meetings. This ultimately improves the quality of board decision making.

    In-depth committee work builds governing expertise among board members, while also strengthening their sense of ownership and commitment. Board decisions that are supported by detailed standing committee work are firmer because of the ownership that is built at the committee level.

    Below is a list of the Board Committees in place in the Exeter Township School District and a brief description of the scope of their work:


    Audit Committee:

    Assists in the planning and completion of the District’s financial audits, including the review of audit findings. Prepares recommended plans for whole Board action.


    Business Functions Committee:

    Reviews and monitors issues related to the school district budget. Recommends adjustments and modifications to the school district's budget, and recommends cost effective and efficient projects and initiatives for full school board consideration.


    Curriculum Committee:

    Reviews matters related to existing or new curriculum and educational programs. Reviews standardized test and evaluation results of the District. Monitors curriculum adoption and implementation cycle in collaboration with the assistant superintendent. Informs and directs the Board’s annual approval of learning goals in support of the District’s educational mission. Guides the Board in periodic assessment of progress toward achievement of these goals. Holds information meetings with appropriate professional staff members dealing with curriculum items including current and innovative matters.


    District Athletic Committee:

    Reviews policies and procedures governing the District athletic program and makes recommendations to the whole Board for changes, deletions, or additions to athletic programs and/or staff. Meets with coaches, student athletes, and Parent Booster Clubs as needed to seek input on athletic matters.


    District Growth and Development Committee:

    Monitors the growth of the District and assists in facilities master planning process. Acts as a liaison to the local municipalities for matters related to school district growth and building projects.


    Facilities Committee:

    Facilities Committee:Reviews the needs and uses of District buildings and grounds, and studies the budgetary impact of improvements. Recommends, with input from administration, long and short terms uses and facility improvement plans that are in the best interest of the community and the District.


    Over the Fence Committee:

    The Over the Fence committee functions as a mechanism of two-way communication between the community and the District. Interested community members attend to hear presentations on District topics that administration wishes to share (i.e. budget, capital projects, etc.) and then the District asks community members to share broad, District-wide issues for discussion. 


    Personnel Committee:

    Oversees the negotiation of contracts with district personnel. Establishes and reviews evaluation systems for school department staff and the superintendent. Assists in the review and development of policies related to staff. Assists as needed in the interviewing process of District administrators, and reviews hiring recommendations of the superintendent.


    Policy Committee:

    Reviews district policies. Recommends changes to current policies, addition of new policies and deletion of outdated policies based on changes in law and recommendations from the Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA).


    Student Functions Committee:

    Reviews policies and procedures related to students. Meets with student representatives periodically to seek and review input from students on a variety of topics related to school life and the educational experience. Makes recommendations as needed for changes to policies governing student issues.


    Technology Committee:

    Reviews the district master technology plan and develops and reviews policies related to technology to keep them current and relevant. Recommends major technology initiatives and expenditures to the whole Board, as needed.