• Math

    The last two years, Exeter Township School District has adopted a new math program Investigations.  The program is very different from how most of us learned math in school.  However, this program will help our students better understand number sense and how and WHY to solve a problem.  This program allows the learner to "dig deeper" into the concepts of mathematics. 

    This year we have a new updated series which will allow a smoother transition for your student.  
    How can you help?
    Ask your child what they are working on in math class and ask them how to solve a problem. 
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  • ELA

    English Language Arts or other wise know as ELA, is where your child will focus on grammar skills, word formations, writing, and reading.

    How can you help your child?
    READ everyday!  The more you read the more you will learn about word structure, vocabulary, and information.  
    Word Work- Is similar to spelling in the past.  Each student will be given a list and focus on those words for a minium of two weeks.  Unlike spelling tests, the students will be taught about word structure and use and apply that format to their spelling test.  Students will not be tested on every signal word, but rather only some words from the list.  Here is a list of spelling words.
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