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    Not sure what a word means? Want to switch a boring word for an exciting word? Want to find some rhyming words? Click here!
    Click here to view popular authors and illustrators and their homepages
    This site is a collection of maps, flags, and other information for every country and territory in the world.
    This site is a guide to useful, age-appropriate Web sites created by Librarians. You can find information on many different topics from ghosts to encyclopedias to martial arts!
    Click here to access the World Book Kids Online dictionary, atlas, and encyclopedia with your user name and password. Don't know the user name and password? Come see Miss Fennelly.
    Check out what's new at the public library.
    Check out this cool website filled with poetry and games from popular children's poet Shel Silverstein.
    One of my favorite poets!  Visit this site to read funny poems and listen to Jack's music!
    Robert Sabuda         
    Want to be a paper engineer?  Visit Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart's websites to see the amazing books they have created.  You can also print out a template created by the talented paper engineers and make your own pop-up!
    Click the link above to play a call number game.  When the link opens, click play.  Fill out your name and select the character you would like to use. Start with level 1, Sorting.  You will need to click and drag the book into the correct bin according to it's call number.  (Hint, B is for Biography; F is for Fiction, and anything with a number is nonfiction!)
    This website allows you to create your own wacky stories by having you type nouns, verbs, adjectives, friends names, numbers and more in a list which will be inserted into a story.  Give it a try it and find out how funny your stories turns out!  When you open the link, there will be 100 different stories for you to pick from.  Click a title that you like, and then fill in the information.  After you fill out each blank, click "See Your Wacky Web Tale."  For help, click on "Parts of Speech Help" if you need a review of nouns, adjectives, and verbs.