• 2018-2019 Lorane
    Author  and Illustrator Visit

    Trinka Hakes Nobel


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    Lorane Author and Illustrator Visit:
    Henry Cole 
    Henry Cole at Lorane

    2014 Lorane Illustrator Visit: 


    S.D. Schindler
     SD Schindler at Lorane
    October 29, 2014
    2013 Lorane Author Visit 
    Lindsay Barrett George
    May 2, 2013 
     Lindsay Barrett George is widely recognized for her striking illustrations of animals, birds, and fish in their habitats.
    Author Visit  2010-2011
    Our visiting guest is both an author and an illustrator!
    Daniel Kirk
     Daniel Kirk
    "I think picture books are very important to children. I hope that the books I do will encourage imagination, curiosity, playfulness, love of words and artwork, and get kids to think about     things that are important to them.”
    Visit his website at:  http://www.danielkirk.com/


    Author Visit 2008-2009 

     J. Patrick Lewis

    J Patrick Lewis at Lorane
    Enjoy photos from the Lorane author vist with J. Patrick Lewis. 
    "Getting children excited about the wonders of poetry--experiencing literature--is the reason I visit schools in the first place. So students can expect to hear a lot of poetry reading--not stuffy verse. Poetry that is fun and respects the music of the written word. Poems about animals, nature, people, holidays--everything under the sun (and some things beyond)--including limericks, haiku, riddles, shape poems, narrative poems, song lyrics and nonsense verse."  
    J. Patrick Lewis
    Visit J. Patrick Lewis at the following website: