• Welcome to Sixth Grade

    Posted by Theresa Wentling on 7/30/2008 2:00:00 PM

    Welcome to Sixth Grade and Team F!

                You are among the fortunate few chosen to be part of the best team in Sixth Grade, if not the entire world, Team F. Congratulations!

                For your educational experience, you will have the honor of being taught by a top-notch team of teachers. Mrs. DeWire will be your Science teacher, taking you from the nature and development of our planet to the far-reaches of space. Mr. Delewski will introduce you to the variety of cultures throughout the world, focusing on how and why they live the way they do, as your Social Studies teacher. Half of you will be taught the magic of numbers, formulae, and problem solving by Ms. Wentling, while the other of half of you by Mr. Hughes, our Team F Math teachers. Language Arts instruction will be covered by all.

                We maintain high expectations for you, require your best efforts, and reward you with knowledge, skills, and fun.


    Some Team F policies:

                -Skyward should be checked on a daily basis for homework assignments

    -students are required to complete any missed assignments

    -planners must be brought to school and individual classes on a daily basis

    -we encourage limiting the amount of school supplies being carried between classes (pencil boxes, pens, markers, do-dads, thing-a-ma-jigs, pointy hats, etc.)

    -no gum, cell-phones, electronics

    -read and return all forms on a timely basis (students should take home all hand-outs and let parents decide what is important)



                -we appreciate regular communication, email being the most expedient method

    -please check in to our website for updates on assignments, events, policies, and activities

    -encourage your child to read a minimum of 20 minutes each day

    -homework is generally assigned on a daily basis and is most beneficial when a set place and period of time is established for its completion each night


    Mrs. DeWire

    Mr. Delewski

    Mr. Hughes

    Ms. Wentling


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