• Math  
     Our Math program is published by PEARSON and is called INVESTIGATIONS. It is designed to engage students in making sense of mathematical ideas.  Your child will be working on units that contain 2 to 4 INVESTIGATIONS in each.  Each unit has 2- 4 INVESTIGATIONS.  Unit 1 is called PUZZLES, CLOCKS, AND TOWERS.  It deals with Properties of Numbers,  and Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers.  Unit 2 is called PRISMS AND SOLIDS.  It deals with Volume.
    Unit 3 is titled RECTANGLES, CLOCKS, AND TRACKS.  This unit teaches Comparing and Ordering Fractions and Adding and Subtracting Fractions.  Unit 4 is entitled HOW MANY PEOPLE AND TEAMS?  It will have the students apply their strategies of Multiplication and Division to word problems.  Unit 5 is TEMPERATURE, HEIGHT, AND GROWTH and teaches Measurement Concepts and Patterns.  Unit 6 is entitled BETWEEN 0 AND 1 and deals with DECIMALS.
    Unit 7 is called RACES, ARRAYS, AND GRIDS.  This unit covers Multiplication and Division of Fractions and Decimals. Finally, there is Unit 8 which is all about Geometry and Measurement.  As you can see, we have a lot that we are going to learn about this year!
     Your child will be receiving and using a Student Activity Book.  There will be homework assignments due from this book.
     We are looking forward to having a great year exploring and using the new math program!