• Tips to motivate your reluctant reader:
    1. Become a family of readers!  Let your child catch you reading for enjoyment.
    2. Accept that almost anything your child reads has value. Comics and cartoon books count too!
    3. Give your child a magazine subscription. Magazines are colorful, and their short articles will keep your child's interest.
    4. Make a trip to the bookstore or library a fun way to spend time together.
    5. Limit screen time. Time spent watching TV or playing video games means less time reading.
    6. Keep a variety of books, newspapers, and magazines at home.
    7. Enjoy your precious family time with lively discussions of current events, sports, and music. Encourage your child to read about these topics.
    8. Most importantly, have fun together as you and your child discover the wonderful world of reading!
                                                                      child reading