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    The students participating in physical education at Reiffton are expected to put forth their best effort, respect fellow students and equipment, and have fun!  Please have your students wear sneakers and active clothing on their physial education days (1-4) and health days (5-8).  We have an 8 day cycle for specials.  If your child has PE on a Day 1, then they have Health on a Day 5.

    PE Cycle Days:           Health Cycle Day:

    1                                   5

    2                                   6

    3                                   7

    4                                   8

    Your child can be excused from physical education only with a doctor's excuse.  If you cannot make it to the doctor, please contact me directly through phone (610) 779-7640 x7041 or email jkdorta@exetersd.org. In order for a student to return to activity the doctor's excuse must have an end date.  Thank you for your help with this.

    Every child shoud aim to get a minimum of 60 minutes of activity a day and maximum of 60 minutes of screen time.



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