School Expectations, Interventions, and Procedures

    Our Reiffton School-Wide Expectations:

    Ø  Be honest, use respectful language, and good manners.

    Ø  Be in control of yourself, so that you and others can learn.

    Ø  Listen and follow directions.

    Ø  Keep hands feet and objects to yourself.

    Ø  Work and play safely (treat school property with respect).


    In the current virtual classroom setting, the same Reiffton School-Wide Expectations apply. Teachers will review these expectations as well as specific expectations set by the teacher for his/her classroom frequently. In the event that a behavior concern arises in the virtual setting, the following interventions will occur:

    1. The teacher will address the concern with the student privately AND contact the student's parent/guardian to let them know about the concern so that the school and the family can work together. 
    2. If the behavior concern continues, the teacher will make Principal Dr. Fries and/or Assistant Principal Mrs. Coble aware of the concern and they will reach out to the parents/guardians and the student to determine the next steps including any follow-up interventions or necessary actions.
    3. A possible formal discipline referral may be entered into Skyward.
    4. If at any time the student's behavior is a safety concern, the teacher will reach out to Dr. Fries and/or Mrs. Coble right away so that immediate communication and safety protocols may be followed. 


    The information below is the process followed when students are attending school face-to-face inside the school building.

    Behavior Interventions

    Students will be given a first warning for not following one of the Reiffton School-Wide Expectations.  After being given a first warning, students may receive the following:


    1.       Second Warning 


    2.       Recess detention with behavior sheet


    3.       Teacher phone call home


    4.       Referral to office 



    Teacher Responsibilities

                    The Exeter Township School District maintains high expectations both of students and teachers.   Teachers are expected to provide a model of good conduct and to take a lead role in ensuring that students in their classroom experience success.  To the end, we believe that the following principals are essential:

    o   Teachers must share their behavioral expectations with students repeatedly.

    o   Frequent teacher communication with parents is vital in resolving difficulties that a student may be experiencing academically or behaviorally.  It is a good practice to communicate with parents when a student is performing well.

    o   Solutions to students’ problems are achieved more effectively when those closest to the problem are involved in taking steps along the way to resolve the issue(s).  This can be accomplished best by following the established intervention procedures and communicating frequently with team members, parents, the guidance counselor, and administrators.

    o   A teacher’s responsibilities are diverse and include both the academic an affective development of students.  “Success of all students” is the philosophical guiding principle.

    o   The success of the organization as a whole rests upon the pride of each individual within the organization and his/her ability to function as a team player.

    In the event that a discipline problem arises, the first attempt to resolve the problem will occur at the classroom level.  If a student continues to experience behavioral problems within the classroom, the teacher will resolve the problem by first dealing with the student and contacting the parents.  If there is no resolution after these intial steps are taken, the teacher may write a disciplinary referral to the administration.  The referral will be handled as fairly and firmly as possible.

    Anything deemed serious in nature by the teacher will result in the student being sent directly to the office.