• Our human heritage

    Year overview




    Throughout our semester together in OHH, we have discussed many different civilizations, cultures, and contributions. Create a timeline or book (your choice) of the entire semester of information. Start from the very beginning of early man and end with the Reformation. Page through your book or notebook to refresh you memory of what you learned.


    The civilizations and cultures you must cover: Units 1 - 9

    1. Early Man                           2. Mesopotamia                    3. Egypt

    4. Phoenicians                      5. Hebrews                            6. Assyrians

    7. Chaldeans                         8. Persians                            9. Greeks

    10. Romans                           11. Germans                          12. Franks

    13. Irish                                   14. Anglo-Saxons                 15. Vikings

    16. Byzantine Empire           17. Islam                                 18. Middle Ages

    19. Renaissance                   20 Reformation


    You must take a look back at all the above civilizations, and answer the following questions for each one. You must write a short paragraph of information on each civilization and illustrate (draw a picture) what you learned. You may use your book for ideas.


    1.      What contributions did the world receive from this civilization?

    2.      What was the main focus/important concept presented when I was learning about this civilization?

    3.      What do I remember most about this civilization? Or What are my general thoughts or opinion of this civilization?


    1. You may work with a partner or alone.

                -if you are working with a partner, divide the work up, 10 civilizations each.


    2. This is to be done in class (You will have 2 class periods, that’s 3 hours! More than enough   

        time if you are staying on task!)


    3. You must draw your own illustrations, and it MUST be colored neatly. Yes, stick people are   



    4. You can design your own timeline or book, or use the template I have given you.

                -Do not waste paper! Use the scrap paper in the basket to rough draft your idea on a           small scale, then use what you need to complete your task.


    5. You need the dates of the civilization’s existence. This is easy to find…at the beginning of    

        each chapter, there is a time line. USE IT. If you are combining more than one civilization  

        on a page, then use the first date for the earliest civilization, and the last date for the

        second civilization.  Confused? Look at my time line example.


    6.  Make sure you put your name and your partner’s name somewhere on the timeline or

         book, NO NAME = NO CREDIT!!!!








    20 Civilizations



         -main focus

         -what I remember most






    2 points x 20 = 40






    Neatly Done




    10 points




    Total Points





    50 points