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    Leonardo da Vinci was a true Renaissance man. His interests ranged from painting to geometry, from flowers and insects to cannons, from human anatomy to flying machines. Whatever he was working on, he created sketches.


    Each one of us has a little Leonardo in them…I want you to show me!! Create a mini sketch book of nature studies or inventions that you feel are important. Write a brief description of why you sketched what you did, and if it is an invention, how it works and why it would be helpful. Each description only needs to be a few sentence (at least 3). Your sketch book must include 3 entries. You can do more if you choose.



                               Points                    Earned


    3 Sketches               6                          ___


    Descriptions for

    each sketch             6                          ___


    Neatly done and

    On time                  3                          ___    



                  Total        15                         ___