• Feudalism Rap Song/poem


    Make up a rap song or poem from the information you learned in chapter 24: Feudal Society


    You may pick from the topics of:

    1.   Feudalism

    2.   Vassal/Lord Relationship

    3.   Being a Noble in a Castle

    4.   Any other topic must be approved by Miss Oakill


    Your rap song/poem needs to be at least 8 lines long.


    You must keep all language appropriate for school. This means no “bad” words or slang. If you are questioning a word choice, see me to get it approved.


    This assignment is worth 10 points if you perform it in front of the class (you may “rap” it or just say it aloud) If you do not want to perform it in front of class, it is worth 8 points

           -hey, I know it take guts to do it aloud, so it should be worth a       bonus!!!


    Example “Rap”


    Lords and Vassals, Lords and Vassals


    The Act of Homage – the lord and vassal ceremony

    When I said the words, I thought they meant bologna


    I have many duties to serve my lord

    In return, he gave me his word


    The promise of protection, not love or affection

    I fief is what I was given, so off the land I be liv’in


    I pay the lord’s ransom if he gets in a jam

    If I die, my fief is given to my son Sam


    I know if there’s an attack, my lords got my back!


    Feudalism ties of loyalty and duty

    Among lords and vassals is quite a beauty!