The Case:

    • 17-19 year old male is found dead in a hidden grave
    • The well-preserved body has no visible signs of foul play
    • After further examination, X-rays reveal a small hole in the back of the boy’s skull


    You and your team of detectives must determine whether or not King Tutankhamen died of natural causes. You will research all the current information and use it to form a theory of how you think King Tut died. You will then compose a one page paper, packed with evidence to support your theory.

    1. Divide the following websites up among your four group members.
         2)   http://www.kingtutone.com/

    As you view each site, please click on the links given to you on within each site. I am directing you to a specific page, but that doesn't mean to just stop there, explore the site; you may find more information than just that page. Also be sure to check out any pictures, so you can see what it really looks like. If there are any videos to view, you may do so, as long as it is Tut related and you use the headphones.

    1. Answer the following set of questions for EACH website. Make sure you answer them completely, noting all details.
      1. Write down the address of the website.
      2. How old was King Tut when he died?
      3. Does the author suggest any foul play?
      4. What information did you find concerning his death?
      5. Who (if anybody) does the author suggest may have killed him?
      6. Who succeeded King Tut to the throne?
      7. Is this site a reliable source? Explain.
      8. What other “facts” are included about his death?

    1. Once you have all your information gathered, you may meet back with your group and discuss your findings in the classroom if we have time. If not, you will meet the following day.

    Once you have all your information organized, you’ll work together or divide into pairs within your group and write a one paragraph report on how you believe King Tut died. Include all important information you found. This may be one 7-10 sentence paragraph handwritten, or typed with double spacing. Make sure all the names of your group/pair are on the paper. When you are finished, proofread your paper for spelling mistakes, and make sure you used complete sentences, with proper nouns capitalized. All Non-Negotiables count - you will get a zero until they are fixed if needed.




    Possible Points

    Points Earned

    Clearly stated theory of King Tut’s death.



    Explanation of why you believe this theory to be true.



    Cited evidence to support your theory.

    • Tell me what websites you used - you can just write the #.




    • Fully developed thoughts
    • 7-10 sentences per paragraph




    • Spelling
    • Capitalization
    • punctuation  



    Total Points