• Unit 1

    1. What role did geography play in shaping history?
    2. How do legends help us learn about history?
    3. How does archeology help scientists learn about ancient civilizations?
    4. How did the Neolithic Revolution impact the world?

     Unit 2

    1. What is the importance of establishing a code of law and how has it impacted our world today?
    2.  What role does the Nile River play in the establishment and survival of Ancient Egypt?
    3. How do the contributions of Mesopotamia and Egypt affect the civilizations that followed?

    Unit 3

    1. How do the Phoenician contributions improve trade? 
    2. How does the introduction of monotheism by the Hebrews impact the evolution of modern day religions?
    3. How did the developments of astronomy and coins improve trade and navigation?

    Unit 4
    1. What did the Greeks learn from the Dark Age?
    2. Why was the polis and important part of Greek life?
    3. In what ways do the Ancient Greek contributions continually impart our world today?
    4. How did Alexander’s dream of world peace introduce the world to Greek culture?

    Unit 5

    1. How did the Etruscan civilization aid the growth of the Roman civilization?
    2. How was the Roman government similar to the US government?
    3. What role did Christianity play in the Roman Empire?
    4. How does Roman government change over time?

    Unit 6

    1. How did the Early Middle Age civilizations lead to the growth of the modern European map?
    2. What are the changes in government that evolve into modern Western European civilizations?
    3. How does Christianity impact Early Middle Ages civilizations?  

    Unit 7

    1. How is Islam similar to Christianity?  
    2. How  did the discoveries of the Arabs introduce Western Europe to the world of chemistry, astronomy, and medicine?
    3. How did the split in Christianity impact Europe?

    Unit 8

    1. How did feudalism impact Europe?
    2. How does the Roman Catholic Church impact government and education during the Middle Ages?
    3. How did the crusades positively impact Europe?

     Unit 9

    1. Compare and contrast the Renaissance to the Middle Ages? 
    2. What are the events the lead to the Reformation?