• Looking for some websites to use at home?  Try these educational websites to practice many classroom skills while having fun!


    AAA Math - This site contains many pages that illustrate and provide interactive arithmetic exercises and problems. They contain a series of basic math lessons which are a resource for many areas of the math curriculum. The lessons are interactive, contain full explanations, and generate the problems randomly so the site can be used over and over again.


    AlbertaLearn Math Site – The following sites are from the AlbertaLearn Math site designed by teachers in Alberta, Canada:


    Under the Sea – This is a great site to practice basic math concepts.
    Spy Guys – Math concepts targeted at students in Grade 6.

    MathLive– Practice math concepts through real world scenarios.



    Arcademic Skill Builders: - this site provides math practice with an "arcade" style flair! Covers many math skills in a variety of areas.  Play alone or with a friend on the web!



    BiteSize Revision - this site was designed for students in the UK, but has some very good content for our students as well. This site is targeted toward younger students.



    Braingle - Want to stretch your mind. Visit this site for a great collection of brainteasers and other activities to boost your brain power!



    Cool Math 4Kids - Since 1997, this site has been providing fun math activities for kids to help them improve their scores in math. 



    Flash Cards - This site is filled with a variety of electronic flash cards to use when practicing basic math skills.



    Harcourt Math - This site contains a variety of activities based on the math series we use here at Exeter.



    Mathlibs– These math activities are based on the Madlib concept of silly stories.



    Math is Fun! – Visit this site to find fun games and activities for the exploration of math. 



    Math Maven's Mysteries - Be a math detective by exploring the adventures on this website from Scholastic.



    Math Playground:- Looking for a site filled with games, activities, and even videos on practicing math skills? Here is a great site to explore. 



    MathWorksheet Creator - Want to create practice tests on paper for your kids to work on at home? Here is a site to help you.  Create a variety of different workshops covering many skill areas.



    National Library of Math Manipulatives - learning difficult concepts sometimes require the use of concrete objects that can be moved around and explored. This site provides access to online manipulatives in a variety of areas.


    PBS Parents - Early Math - This site is designed to help nurture math skills at an early age.  Very interactive and fun for younger children.



    VectorKids- Another site containing interactive math activities. Needs Adobe Flash.



    Webmath - stuck on a math problem and just need a little help. Try this site out to see how a variety of math problems are solved.



    Woodlands Junior School's Math Zones - very interactive activities on a wide variety of topics. Plug-ins are required to run these activities on some computers.


    Language Artsbooks

    Reading Rockets - This is an outstanding website for parents to use as a resource for helping your child with reading.  Be sure to click on the For Parents tab to access the resources designed for the home.


    Wacky Web Tales - This site from Houghton Mifflin provides students with a way to practice their skills in using parts of speech through a "Mad Lib" format.  Fun for all ages!


    Starfall - Started in 2002, this site has become very popular for its quality content in helping children read through the use of phonics.  It contains a wide variety of exciting activities.


    Jeopardy Labs - Would you like to see what it's like to be on the Jeopardy Show?  Try Jeopardy Labs as a family and test your knowledge.  Or, create a game of your own!


    Children's Storybooks Online - Explore more online books through this wonderful sites.  Some books are available simply for reading, and others include audio!


    PBS Kids - Use this site to access many of your kids PBS favorites.  This is a great place to have fun and practice your skills as well.


    HIT Entertainment - Does your child like Thomas and His Friends, Barney, and Bob the Builder?  Try this site for a variety of activities with these wonderful characters.


    Other Subject Areas to Explore

    History Channel - This site is full of rich materials for exploring many areas of history.  Text articles can be found along with outstanding video clips.


    Kids.gov - This site is the official kids portal for the US Government.  It is filled with links to many outstanding resources for geography, history, and government.


    Thinkfinity - Sponsored by Verizon, this site covers a variety of subject areas and is filled with activities and interactives.  On the main page, click the At Home and Afterschool for a quick link to the resources.


    Discovery Channel - Explore your world through the outstanding programing and content found on the Discovery Channel.  Here you can explore articles on many topics as well as watch full episodes.  A great place to be for Shark Week!


    National Park Service - This website provides a link to every National Park in the United States. Visit this site to plan a vacation or find out what's available in your own backyard!

    National Archives - Want to take a trip into the past without leaving your chair? Take a look at this site and find out more about our nation's history.

    The Library of Congress - Visit another resource rich in history by exploring the Library of Congress. Here you will find a rich collection of resources ranging from original documents to maps and sound files.

    The White House - This is a great place to learn more about our Presidents and their First Ladies. It is also a great link to current happenings in the present administration.

    Pennsylvania Homepage - Do you want to know more about the state in which we live?  Do you need to renew a drivers license or registration? Would you like to find what's going on in PA this summer? Find all this and more on our state's website!

    Learn-Lead-Grow Internet Resources for Parents - Helpful tools for parents to help support their children through the digital age

    Louvre Museum - take a tour of one of the most beautiful museums in the world. Here you can visit the galleries, learn about the history of the museum, and explore special exhibits. (you will need Quicktime and Flash Player to take advantage of this site)

    The Nine Planets - Explore the solar system through one of the most comprehensive sites on the Internet for exploring this topic.

    Inventions At Play - here is a great site for your child to explore their creativity and practice their problem solving skills.  It's fun for parents too!

    Nutrition Sites - Eating correctly is in the news everyday.  The following two websites are great resource tools for exploring the eating habits of your family, especially with all those summer picnics!

    Nova Online - Nova has been an exciting source of educational programming on PBS television stations.  Now this great programming can be delivered to your desktop through Nova Online.  Watch some of the most popular episodes on this outstanding website!