Community Use of Track and Tennis Courts
    The Exeter Township School District would like the track, tennis courts and weight room to be a resource for our community members.  Please read the information below.  Keep in mind that the facilities are for Exeter residents during designated times.

    We have installed a turn-style gate where community members can enter.  To enter the turn-style, you will need a card key which will activate the electronic lock. Community members can obtain a card key at the administration office at 200 Elm Street.  The cards require proof of Exeter residency ie; drivers licence and a $5.00 card fee.

    Please follow a few simple rules:

    Do not use spikes for recreational running.  Competitive runners who are training may use spikes but please use the preferred spike length of 1/16 inch, but no more than 1/4 inch. Do not run on the inner three lanes.  The inner three lanes wear out faster than all other lanes.  This will help keep our track in better shape.  Do not allow any bicycles, roller blades or skate boards on the track.  These items are very destructive to the track surface. The track can be used whenever there are no competitive events.


    There are two sets of tennis courts available.  There are four courts at the High School next to the stadium and five courts at the park below the former Lausch Elementary School (the current Administration building).  All the courts are locked to prevent damage by bicycles, skateboards and roller blades. 

    Bicycles , skateboards and roller blades are very destructive to the court surface.  Because the court surface is expensive to repair,  we must keep the aformentioned items off of the court.  You may obtain a key to these courts by visiting the Lausch Administration Building.  You will need proof of residency. Keys for the tennis courts are $5.00.