Although the Exeter Township School District was founded in 1849 it was not until 1955 that a senior high school was opened. The first attempt at constructing a high school in the mid-1930's was unsuccessful as the voters of the township rejected the bond proposal necessary to build. The idea resurfaced in 1946 when M. Luther Lausch was named supervising principal but the project languished until 1950 when the Department of Public Instruction gave final approval. From 1937 when the Jacksonwald School was constructed until 1955 Exeter students in grades eleven and twelve continued to attend Mt. Penn Senior High School. A few opted to attend Oley, and a third option was to attend Birdsboro-Amity High School, was available.

    As enrollment continued to grow rapidly the school board hired Elmer Adams as the architect and purchased 40 acres from Farmer Herbein's cow pasture and Amos Reiff's suburban development. In the Fall of 1955 590 seventh to twelfth-grade students moved into the completed building. Stephen R. Ruth, who served until 1965, became the first building principal and supervised a staff of 28. The first senior class graduated in 1956. The name of the high school was to be Daniel Boone High School but a neighboring district beat us to the punch.

    In 1994 the original Exeter Junior-Senior High School building was enveloped by an addition and renovation project which now accommodated 705 students and a staff of over 50 faculty members. In August of 2003 the latest addition began construction which would create 31 new classrooms and many other new facilities. The 9th. grade moved from the junior high to the senior high and the enrollment today exceeds 1400 students. The new facilities include a large music room, an excellent weight room, a new training room, a large group instruction room, and a revamped stadium with a seating capacity of 2500.

    The Exeter Township School District has always been proud to provide an excellent well-rounded education and at the same time afford our students a variety of programs in the arts, competitive athletics, intramural sports, and academic competitions in order to develop a well-rounded citizen capable of making positive contributions to society.

    Mr. and Mrs. M. Luther Lausch