• Virtual Learning Expectations

    Zoom Norms

    In-class Expectations

    In addition to following the ETJHS Student Handbook, I ask the following from each of my students:
    1.  Come to class prepared.
    A student needs to bring his or her Chromebook and a pair of headphones or earbuds to class EVERY day.  Everything else is provided or kept in class.  If a student does not have his or her Chromebook or it is not charged, he or she will lose 3 participation points and fall behind in class.
    2.  If you have a question, ask a question.
    Please don't wait for someone else to read your mind.  You're the only one who really knows if you're confused.  By the way, "I don't get it" is not a question.  :-)
    3.  If you miss class, make it up.
    All assignments are listed here on my website and Schoology, so please check the main page and calendar to see if there's anything you can do from home.  Generally, a student is given one week after an absence to make up missed work.  Please see me before or after class to schedule time to make up missed work.


    Every student begins each marking period with 33 "Overall Participation" points.  Most of them keep these points throughout the marking period.  If a student's participation grade drops, it could be for any of the following reasons:
    -3 points
    Forgot Chromebook/ Chromebook not charged (C)
    -2 points
    Not doing assigned work (W)
    Playing games (P)
    Unauthorized Internet/ Chromebook use (I)
    Internet radio abuse (R)
    Bothering other students/ disrupting class (B) 
    Not using headphones (H)
    Classcraft sentence (CS)
    -1 point
    Forgot Skyward or other login info (s)
    Chewing gum (g)
    Printing extra pages (e)
    Unacceptable work area (u) 
    If a student is ever unsure why he or she lost points, all he or she needs to do is ask.  Expectations are clearly stated and posted before and during every class.  Repeated offenses may be reported to the assistant principal.
    Participation points can be recovered by completing any of the extra credit opportunities given in class or on this site.  Please do not request extra credit.  Keep an ear open in class or an eye on this site, and you'll earn it.
    Group work
    Group projects must be turned in by all members of each group. I will demonstrate the proper way to turn in all assignments. Students must make every attempt to ensure their partner is completing his or her part of the assignment. Students must contact me at least one week before a group project's due date if their partner is not cooperating or they feel their partner is not doing his or her part.

    Late work

    Projects from the first 3 marking periods will be accepted only until the end of the marking period to which they were assigned. 4th marking period projects will only be accepted until a specified date (generally the Friday before the end of school). As all class information is available online, exceptions will be made only for extended, excused absences. 
    I will accept a classwork and homework assignment up until the end of the day it is due (unless indicated otherwise in class or online). Students are encouraged to hand in late work, but they will not receive any credit unless they use a corresponding power in Classcraft. As all class information is available online, exceptions will be made only for extended, excused absences.


    Students may revise any graded work as many times as they want by using a corresponding power in Classcraft. Projects from any marking period may revised and resubmitted until a specified date in the fourth marking period (generally the Friday before the end of school).

    Internet radio

    A student is permitted to listen to online music sites such as Pandora and Spotify provided he or she meets these requirements:
    1. Sign and return your Class Contract
    2. Have no more than one missing assignment
    3. Learn and use "Marking Period Music Pass" in Classcraft (once per marking period)
    4. Provide your own headphones/ earbuds
    5. Pick 1 station and stick with it (no YouTube; no changing of station after first five minutes of work time)
    6. Take headphones off when I am talking!

    Failure to comply with these rules will result in a loss in participation points and possible disciplinary actions. 

    Any additional exceptions to these policies will always be communicated and posted in my room and on this website.  Please email me with any questions.  Thanks!