College Planning Information

    11th Grade Post-Secondary Planning Resource Guide & 12th Grade Post-Secondary Planning Resource Guide - College planning information and procedures, financial aid, scholarships, apprenticeships, post-secondary employment opportunities and more.

    College Essay Tips

    Applying to one or more of PA’s 14 State Universities?  PASSHE has recently implemented a new online application. Using this new site, you can apply to any one of our PASSHE Universities or any combination of them. Once you've completed your first application, your profile is available to quickly complete the application to any other PASSHE university. Visit www.passhe.edu to apply.
    College Majors 101 - This site provides comprehensive information on many college majors and aids students in identifying "accredited schools."

    Virtual College Tours - This site provides virtual tours of many college campuses.

    The College Board - A comprehensive Internet source for information on college and graduate school admissions and placement tests.
    College Profiles - This website features in-depth college profiles with information about academic programs, athletics, campus life, facilities, expenses, financial aid and much more.