• Technical and Computer Drawing II

    Technical & Computer Drawing II is an advanced course for students interested in engineering or any other technical field.  This course will require students to use the knowledge gained in the first level of this course and apply that knowledge to more complex and in depth drawings as well as more advanced types of drawings.  They will continue to use drawing boards as a way to learn new concepts and then apply all drawing techniques to a 3D modeling software.  They will use this software to create engineering drawings as solutions to design problems.  Here is a link to the syllabus.  

                This is a short video that shows one of their final projects, the "You are the Target" design challenge.  This design challenge requires students to create an original boomerang design using our 3D modeling software.  The goal is to have a boomerang that will fly the furthest distance in relationship to how closes it returns to the thrower.  Students must research the properties of flight and aerodynamics as well as the types of styles of boomerangs.  After research, they sketch original ideas and eventually choose the one that will hopefully work the best.  We use the CNC router to machine the boomerangs and after some light sanding to help shape the wings, WE TEST!