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  • At Exeter, we prepare today's students for tomorrow by offering them every opportunity to learn through a high-quality education; support services to ensure their success; and opportunities to explore, create, imagine and play. No matter if we're teaching in a classroom or on a computer, these fundamentals continue to be at the heart of what we do as the delivery of education evolves. 

    In the fall of 2021, we'll be delivering our cyber education differently than we did throughout the pandemic. Cyber students will be placed in virtual classrooms with other cyber students and led by dedicated PA-certified teachers who have proficiency and years of experience teaching online. These students will have access to asynchronous and synchronous instruction following an Exeter-approved curriculum that sets the standard that Exeter parents know and expect. Because students will be learning a similar curriculum as their in-person peers, they'll be able to effortlessly move back to in-person instruction at an Exeter school whenever they want if they so choose. 

    Throughout their school year, students will continue to be supported by Exeter faculty and staff through virtual or in-person tutoring, mentoring and counseling. If they'd like to take music lessons, art classes or participate in hands-on classes, athletics or clubs in-person with their peers, they'll have the opportunity to do so--just as they would if they attended an Exeter school in person.

    This, we believe, is the evolution of a quality cyber education that students want and parents expect. 

    Below, please explore course catalogs for students at each grade level. If you have additional questions about Exeter Cyber Academy, please contact Dan Wilchek, Instructional Technology Specialist for Virtual Learning, at or 610-898-9550

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    JUNIOR HIGH (7-8) 

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    REIFFTON (5-6) 

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    HIGH SCHOOL (9-12)