The Exeter Cyber Academy Advantage

  • We know you and your student want the best education delivered to you from the convenience of home. While all cyber schools in PA may appear to be equal, the Exeter Township Cyber Academy is the only one that's exclusively available to Exeter Township School District students; the only one that offers students an Exeter diploma and graduation ceremony; and the only one that offers students the ability to participate in school-sponsored lessons, trips, activities, clubs and athletics with their classmates, friends and neighbors.

    We also think it's the highest-quality education your child can receive--and our test scores prove it

    Best of all, our free program is overseen by our local school board and funded through your local tax dollars. That means that when you choose the Exeter Cyber Academy for your student's education, you're keeping your school tax dollars right here in your community where you'll continue to help support the education of both in-person and cyber Exeter students. As a taxpayer and a parent, if you choose the Exeter Cyber Academy, you'll also continue to have influence and representation by your local elected school board officials to oversee the quality of your student's cyber education.

    Let's explore other advantages to choosing the Exeter Cyber Academy: