• Course Syllabus

    Mrs. Larson - ELA 7 


    Course Information:  The seventh grade ELA (English Language Arts) curriculum includes units of study that align with the Pennsylvania Common Core.  Each unit includes a focus on reading skills, writing skills, and vocabulary. Reading and writing will be based on the following: Collections textbook (seventh grade edition) and other teacher-selected and student-selected materials.


    Course Objectives:  Students will develop skills identified by the Pennsylvania Common Core.  In addition, students will learn to apply both reading strategies and elements of literature to comprehend, analyze, and enjoy each text read in this class.  Students will develop and improve writing and vocabulary skills.


    Course Requirements and Materials:  Students must complete the reading of all text selections, writing projects, assignments, and assessments.  Students are required to have a Chromebook for class each day, and it is suggested students might want to have a pencil/pen and paper available during sychronous time.


    Grading Policy:  Students’ grades are based on the total number of points accumulated on assessments, writing projects, and other assignments. Assignments are not accepted late unless the student is absent from school. 


    Non-Negotiable Writing Rules: Within all ETSD grade 3-12 classrooms, students are held accountable by following grade-specific rules for basic editing prior to work submission. These simple rules of writing mechanics and grammar build from year to year with the most basic in grade three. It is at the discretion of each teacher when to assign these Basic Writing Rules to assignments. It is also at the discretion of each teacher to set the time limit for any resubmitted/corrected work.