• Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!

    Mrs. Larson - ELA grade 7

    Textbooks: Collections, seventh grade edition (digital)

    Required materials for class: Chromebook and charger (consider having available pencil/pen and notebook during synchronous time)

    ZOOM Expectations:

    • Keep microphone muted when not speaking or particiapting in discussion
    • Raise hand to speak or participate in discussion
    • Focus on the synchronous lesson (finding a quiet place can help)
    • Maintain appropriate dresscode and language

    Assignments and Grades

    • Assignments will be posted in Schoology following the district-approved format.
    • Students will complete assignments on time. Please check due dates/times.
    • Assignments will only be accepted late due to a student’s absence from school.
    • Students who are absent from school should meet with the teacher (virtually) about missed lessons and assignments. 
    • Students’ grades are based on the total number of points earned on assessments, essays, and other assignments during a marking period.
    • Students are encouraged to check Skyward once a week to stay current on progress in this class.
    • Cheating, copying, or plagiarizing any work will result in a zero on that assignment.


    When class begins, all students will be in their Zoom class ready to learn. 

    In addition, students will remain in Zoom until the teacher ends the class.


    Have a terrific 2020-2021 school year!