PD Offerings: August 24 - 26

  • Optional Technology PD Offerings: August 24-26

    The following sessions will be offered throughout each day. See the grid below for a grid of offerings with direct links to each session. Links to join sessions are below the descriptions.

    Schoology K-5 This session will cover the basics of managing a Schoolgy classroom. We will cover settings, material creation and customization.
    Schoology 6-12 This session will review the basics of how to use schoology tools including settings, assignments, grading groups, and grade syncing (7-12 only)
    EdPuzzle This session will cover how to create EdPuzzle videos for use with students. EdPuzzle allows you to crop videos and add questions throughout that video. We will also cover the EdPuzzle/Schoology integration that allows you to create your EdPuzzle classes in Schoology as well as add an EdPuzzle assignment using the Materials button in Schoology.
    PearDeck This session will cover the basics of PearDeck. PearDeck allows you to take any Google Slides presentaiton and add interactive components to it. We will cover adding interactive content to Slides, running a teacher led and student led presentation and reviewing results.
    Newsela This session will cover the basic of using Newsela with studnents. Newsela is an instructional content tool that allows teachers to find articles with appropriate reading levels for their students. Newsela articles also feature questions and writing prompts that align with common core standards.
    Screencastify This session will review the basics of Screencastify. We will cover how to install the extension, record your desktop or yourself and the best way to share those videos with students.
    FlipGrid This session will cover the basics of creating and sharing FlipGrids with students. Flipgrid is a website that allows teachers to create "grids" to facilitate video discussions. Each grid is like a message board where teachers can pose questions, called "topics," and their students can post video responses that appear in a tiled grid display.