• Virtual Class Schedule & Specials


    Day 1 Create 1 - Mr. Dibler
    Day 2 Health / P.E. - Mrs. Dorta
    Day 3 Library - Mrs. Caruso

    Day 4 Music - Miss Hafer 

    Day 5 Art - Mr. DeWalt 

    Student instrument lessons are scheduled by Ms. Kline and Mrs. Keebler. These times are distributed at the beginning of the year. 
    Daily Schedule:
    Brain Breaks will be included in our day as needed
    8-8:20 Homeroom LIVE Zoom Introduction to the day (Finish your breakfast if needed while we begin)
    8:20-9:05 English Language Arts (ELA) LIVE Zoom
    9:05-9:50 ELA Independent Learning Time (Includes Read to Self on getepic.com or other source)
    9:50-10:25 Math LIVE Zoom Learning Time
    10:25-11:00 Math Independent Learning Time
    11-12:00 Lunch & Recess- GET OUTSIDE & PLAY :-)
    12:00-12:35 Science LIVE Zoom Learning Time
    12:35-1:10 Science Independent Learning Time
    1:10-1:50 Special (1 per day & may be live)
    1:50-2:35 LIVE Zoom Student Support (Teachers assist students with questions on lessons from earlier in the day)
    2:35-3:03 LIVE Zoom Homeroom / Closure to Day, or BAND, CHORUS, STRINGS