PENNSYLVANIA STATE LAW requires Kindergarten students to have the following basic immunizations for school entrance:

    Diphtheria-Tetanus (DT)    4 doses (one dose must be on or after the 4th birthday)

    Polio (OPV or IPV)

    4 doses (4th dose on or after the 4th birthday & at least 6 months after the previous dose given)
    Measles, Mumps & Rubella 2 doses
    Hepatitis B  3 doses
    Varicella (ChickenPox) Immunity 2 doses of varicella vaccine or evidence of immunity


    Written proof of immunizations is required when you register your child for kindergarten. 

    Examples of written proof are as follow:

    1.  Medical baby book which your doctor has completed at the time of immunizations.
    2.  A written list of immunizations and dates which the doctor’s office has provided on his/her stationery.
    3.  A physical examination form with the dates of immunizations listed.


    *To ensure immunity – measles, mumps, and rubella must be given after the child’s first birthday.  If a child has experienced the disease of measles or German measles, a blood test is required for verification from the attending physician.  Mumps disease also needs a physician’s verifying statement. 


    In order for your child to continue maximum protection or be completely immunized, he/she must have boosters. However, boosters are not required for entrance to kindergarten.  Immunizations can be obtained from the Berks Visiting Nurse Association. Call 610-378-0481 for information. Health insurance policies are required to include coverage for childhood immunization. 


    PENNSYLVANIA STATE LAW also requires that all students entering school have a physical and a dental examination. These can be performed by the family physician and dentist and must be completed no later than the first year of school (in this case – kindergarten). Physical or dental exams completed any time after September 1, 2020, will fulfill this requirement. Forms to document exams conducted by your private physician and dentist are available with the other registration forms on the website. 


    If you have any questions about the immunization requirements, please contact the nurse in the building where your child will attend

    • Owatin Creek Elementary School- Susan Templin, R.N. - (610) 406-4580 (Ext.  8006)
    • Lorane Elementary School- Jocelyn Gierlich, R.N. -  (610) 582-8608 (Ext.  4004)
    • Jacksonwald Elementary School- Kathy Blume, R.N. -  (610) 779-1820 (Ext.  5104)