• Kindergarten Registration Information for Families

    In order to plan for the 2020-2021 school year, we ask that you please read over the "Registration Documentation" below to better prepare yourself for the required documents that are needed at the time of registration. Kindergarten Registration will be completed online through our Skyward system. Directions are located in the next section of this document. The parent/guardian will complete the application online to enroll the child into the Exeter Township School District. Please note that if your street address within our District boundaries does not exist in our database when completing the Skyward Application please email: Address@exetersd.org for the address to be added so you may continue with the registration process. 


    • Please contact our registrar, Ms. Jessica Smith, directly (610-779-0700 ext 1341), or by email jrsmith@exetersd.org, to discuss any private matters, situations regarding living arrangements, or with any questions/concerns about the registration process. 
    • To register for a child to attend the 2020-21 kindergarten school year, a child must be 5 years old BEFORE September 1, 2020.


    Registration Documentation:   

    1. Birth Certificate/Passport/Baptismal Record
    2. Immunization Records (See Immunization Information section below)
    3. 5 year Physical and Dental exam. Dental and physical examinations completed on or after 8/26/19 will be accepted - must be provided to school by first day of school year
    4. Custody orders (if applicable)
    5. Drivers license/ID Card (not used as a proof of residency)
    6. Two proofs of residency: see chart below 
Proofs of Residency: Please choose 1 Proof from list A and 1 Proof from list B: