• Educational Trips

    Students may be excused from school attendance to participate in nonschool district sponsored educational trips. To be eligible under this section, the student's parent/guardian must make written application on the form provided by the district at least five (5) days prior to the trip. The principal will review the form, the student's attendance record, and teacher recommendations. When appropriate, the principal will give permission for such trips. Approval will be based on the student's attendance record, the student's previous trips, the educational value of the trip and teacher recommendations. Decisions of the principal may be appealed to the Superintendent or designee.

    No Student may spend more than a total of five (5) school days on approved educational trips in any given school year unless approved by the Superintendent or designee. Failure to get pre-approval for an educational trip may result in the absences for the trip being declared unexcused and, where appropriate, unlawful.
    The student is expected to make up classroom work missed while absent. Failure of the student to complete make-up work may result in an incomplete for the grading period during which the trip was taken. The student may also be required to provide the building principal a written account describing what was learned during the educational trip. The written account must be at least one (1) page in length. Failure to provide the written account, when requested, within five (5) days of returning to school will result in the absence being declared unexcused or unlawful. For elementary students who are unable to provide such written statements, an oral statement or discussion with the teacher or the principal may be used.