Due to the pandemic no spring events have occurred therefore there is no material to put into the spring supplment. Our publisher is working on providing refunds for all customers who have already purchased a 2020 spring supplement. Please be patient as we resolve this issue.



    Spring supplements are an additional 16 page insert that contains all spring sports, the spring musical, prom and graduation.

    * The main 200 pages of the yearbook is due by March 26th to meet printing deadlines that allow students (especially graduating Seniors) to receive their yearbooks before they leave in June. 


    Spring supplements are completed in the September of the following school year because we are still receiving prom and graduation pictures. It is my staff's responsiblity to complete once the next school year starts. Designing, selecting and editing photographs, stat checks and proofing takes us all of April, May and September.

    Once the supplement is completed, it is sent digitally to our publisher in Dallas, Texas. The 100 plus orders of the spring supplement take about a week to print and ship to us in Exeter.


    Spring supplements are typically distributed in mid to late October of the next school year. Underclassmen will receive their orders during a planned homeroom or their 1st or 8th period class.

    Seniors who graduated the previous year, will receive their supplement in the mail.


    Questions or concerns regarding the spring supplement?

    Please email Mr. White at jmwhite@exetersd.org