• Seascape Collage Part 2

    Posted by Jessica Sutherland on 4/1/2020

    Grab your textured papers and get ready to start collaging! Click the link below to watch the demo.


    Collage Demo


    Mrs. Sutherland's Seascape

    Mrs. Sutherland's finished Seascape Collage


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  • Seascape Collage Lesson

    Posted by Jessica Sutherland on 3/30/2020

    Below is a link to a video showing Part 1 of a seascape collage lesson. Happy creating!


    Seascape collage lesson: Part 1


    Email me any questions or photos of your artwork! I'd love to see what you're making! Jmsutherland@exetersd.org




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  • Lunch with the Specialists!

    Posted by Jessica Sutherland on 3/26/2020

    Lunch with a Specialist

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  • Share a Smile: Self-Portraits

    Posted by Jessica Sutherland on 3/25/2020

    Hello my most amazing art students!

    I miss seeing your smiling faces, and while a photo would be nice, a drawing would be even better! Below is a guide for drawing self-portraits (a picture of yourself) that you or your parents can read through. First and Third graders are pros at this since we did portraits this year, but you may want to look at the tips below to refresh your memory. Feel free to get creative with the background... show us your bedroom, "homeschool" set up, or maybe just symbols or designs that represent you. Please email me a photo of your artwork! I can't wait to see them and share them out, so we can "see" each other :)


    Happy Creating!




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  • It's a Small World Art Challenge

    Posted by Jessica Sutherland on 3/23/2020

    Dear Families,

    I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy! I miss getting messy with your little artists and I wanted to share a special challenge that I hope will help build our sense of community from afar. It's my understanding that it has been a tradition for students to design Play Day T-Shirts each year. While I can't be certain what the rest of the school year will hold, I think it's important to uphold this tradition and at the very least find a creative way to combine and share out the submissions. One of the things I love about art is it's power to connect communities, to bring light and happiness to difficult times, and to allow us an opportunity to express how we're feeling. Coincidentally, the theme for this year's t-shirts is "It's a Small World." This wording aims to bring together Diana Bogust's Olympics-themed Play Day and Amanda Mrenna's "Big World, Small World" Spring Music Concert. "It's a Small World" takes on new meaning in our current situation and it has been a small silver lining to read about the different ways that people are "coming together" even while physically separated. We are all in this together and what better way to foster that sense of unity than through artistic expression.
    The t-shirt design has historically been assigned to the fourth grade, but I think the prompt is one that any student can explore (and I hope they do!). I've put together some ways that students might think about addressing the theme in an artwork. Please see the document below for ideas and help your kiddos brainstorm some possibilities. And please email me a photo of any artwork created! There are some additional resources on my school website and I will continue to update if school closures are prolonged.
    Stay well and keep creating!
    Mrs. Sutherland
    It's a Small World
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  • At Home Art Activities

    Posted by Jessica Sutherland on 3/19/2020

    Hello my most amazing art students! While I miss seeing your faces and creating with you, I hope you can take advantage of some of the resources below and continue practicing your art skills at home. If you have any questions or would like to share your art with me, please feel free to email me at jmsutherland@exetersd.org.



    Grade Specific Packet Activities  


    Other Resources:

    27 Art Activities to try at home from the Art of Education

    Finish the Picture Drawing Prompts from Art of Education

    Cassie Stephens (Art Teacher) videos on YouTube

    Deep Space Sparkle Art Lessons on YouTube

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  • From the Art Studio - February

    Posted by Jessica Sutherland on 2/19/2020

    Quick update from the Art Studio!


    Kinders have finished up their beautiful collagraph prints by adding some circle stamps in contrasting colors:


    collagraph prints


    1st Grade is contininuing abstract expressionism - 2 ways! This time around, we're starting with a tissue paper collage and we'll add on with some mixed media soon:





    2nd Grade has carved some relief styrofoam plates which we'll be printing to add to our "community" themed public artwork:





    3rd Graders will be working on their own version of abstract experssionism with watercolors. This will soon become the backdrop for a self-portrait:


    abstract expressionism


    4th Graders are making some lovely weavings which will become the backdrop for some radial paper sculptures:




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  • From the Art Studio - February (almost)

    Posted by Jessica Sutherland on 1/31/2020

    Kindergarten: Even though these collagraphs are beauties on their own, the real work of art will be the prints we pull from them! Kindergarteners are learning about organic and geometric shapes and putting their knowledge to work with the art of multiples: printmaking. 




    1st Grade: Students just started learning about Abstract Expressionism. One student told me that the art of Jackson Pollack made her feel "overwhelmed." I think she nailed it! We made connections between colors, shapes, and lines. Then, made some paintings of our own!




    2nd Grade: We are cooking up something cool in 2nd grade! Tying in some of the classroom curriculum with the art curriculum, we are planning some "public art" on the theme of "communities." More details to come!




    3rd Grade: We are working on finishing up chalk pastel on our Georgia O'Keefe flowers. Students were challenged to draw big and capture light and shadow!




    4th Grade: Our Picasso portraits are complete! They are crazy, colorful creations!


    Picasso portrait

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  • From the Art Studio - January

    Posted by Jessica Sutherland on 1/2/2020

    Happy New Year from the Art Studio! Below is a quick update on our progress before break...


    Kindergarten: Finished shape robots!



    1st Grade: Adding some super cute details to our portraits of Dr. Haller.

    Dr. Haller


    2nd Grade: Adding crazy colors to our crazy creatures, using the contour technique for good craftsmanship!



    3rd grade. Beginning chalk pastel on our Georgia O'Keefe style flowers.



    4th Grade: Beginning oil pastel on our Picasso style portraits.

    Picasso portraits

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  • From the Art Studio - December

    Posted by Jessica Sutherland on 12/16/2019

    holiday bulletin

    Happy Holidays from the Art Studio! Above is an image of our completed holiday bulletin board!


    Kindergarten is making progress on their shape robots, using shapes to represent each part of the body. Next up, some robot details! 



    First grade has begun final drafts of their "Portraits of our Principal." They're doing a great job with facial proportions. After we finish coloring, we'll add some fun details to represent Dr. Haller's personality!



    Second graders are designing surreal creatures using abstract shapes and designs from their imaginations! After we finish outlining in sharpie, we'll be adding bright colors with marker.



    Third graders have begun final drafts of their Georgia O'Keefe inspired projects. Each student selected an image and identified a composition by using a viewfinder. They're currently working on a careful observational drawing of their image. I can't wait to see these in color!



    Fourth graders are creating Picasso-inspired portraits by combining different points of view of the face into a single portrait. On our final drafts, we'll be adding a bright, bold color palette just like Picasso!

    picasso portraits

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