• Phys Ed Absence Policy & Make-Up Work Policy:

      Just as in any other class, attendance is required to be successful. Students are encouraged and required to makeup missed phys ed "classwork". It is the student's responsibilty to seek out their PE teacher and ask about the content and what activities were missed and then submit the make-up work on time. Many times what has been missed during an absence can be found in Schoology, as there are many resources (videos, links, study guides, etc.) there for each unit being taught. I encourage students to take ownership and initiative to "dig around" Schoology to find out what recent activities/games/workouts have been most recent in class. 

      The foundation of this class is built on participation and being physically active, which means attendance is important to obtain a good grade. We understand that througout the year absences occur for a variety of reasons. The phys ed staff will allow you to make up lost attendance points, and it is fairly simple to do so. If you are absent from PE class for ANY reason, please follow the REQUIREMENTS below to earn your points back. Make-up work is due at the end of the current marking period. Once a marking period closes, points will NOT be added back to your grade.


      What to do if you are ABSENT FOR 1 CLASS WITHIN A 5 DAY TEACHING UNIT:

      Share an appropriate photo or short video clip of you participating in some type of physical activity outside of class time. Physical activity examples include: sport practice or game, activity at a local gym, physical activity outdoors, performance of a fitness move performed in class, etc.

      Please describe to us what is in the photo or video. Provide your name, grade, and odd/even period. Share with ermcguiney@exetersd.org. This should take less than 5 minutes and will count as 1 point back to replace your "1 attendance point" lost.

      What to do if you are ABSENT FOR 2 or MORE CLASSES WITHIN A 5 DAY TEACHING UNIT:

      A 2nd absence during a 5 day unit/time period results in a loss of 6 points. Complete the above make-up work for 1 point and also comlete the make-up form below. This requires some physical work and a parent/guardian signature for verification. Use the link below to print the make-up form.



      2 ABSENCES = 1 make-up form required to earn back 5 points (current unit grade of 19/25)

      3 ABSENCES = 2 make-up forms required to earn back 10 points (current unit grade of 14/25)

      4 ABSENCES = 3 make-up forms required to earn back 15 points (current unit grade of 9/25)

      5 ABSENCES = 5 make-up forms required to earn back 25 points (current unit grade of zero)


      Phys Ed Make Up Form