The boy's locker room is a unique environment, probably one of the most unique "classroom's" located here in the junior high. Although different from a traditional classroom setting, students should carry the same level of respect for rules as "regular academic classrooms" located around the building. Students should arrive on time, prepared with their uniform and chromebook, ready to learn and follow directions. Most importantly, students should have respect for other's personal space and belongings (keep your hands to yourself). There is a large whiteboard by the entrance that lists the day's agenda, activities, and other important information. It is important for students to read the whiteboard daily so they know exactly what to do.

    We will be changing for phys ed class into your uniform. For some students, this is the first experience of getting dressed with others in the same area. This is one of the main purposes of the locker room: to get changed into proper athletic attire. Each student will receive a combination lock and assigned locker that that will keep for the school year and return back to me in June. There is a level of privacy and safety within the locker room for students, but proper supervision of this area is one my main duties. Students are not to change in the toilet area unless an issue or concern is brought to my attention.

    If you are in repeated violation of the locker room rules listed below, I will send a discipline referral to the main office/Assistant Principal. Mr. McGuiney has the right to move your locker at anytime, for any reason. Act appropriately or you will lose privilages within the locker room.


    Will we be using the showers and showering after class?

    NO. The shower area is used for storage for students who play after school sports and have large sport bags/gear. I still encourage expensive valuables to be locked into your small gym locker at all times. Please be reminded that the shower area is NOT locked.

    What should I bring in to put into my gym locker?

    The essentials - old sneakers, extra socks, a small hand towel, a separate sweatshirt just for PE class, and deoderant. 

    Can we use the big lockers?

    Yes, however your lock needs to stay on your assigned small locker. Big lockers are a shared space for the boys in your area. No locks should ever be on a big locker. Big lockers can be used to hang up your jeans and long sleeve clothing.

    Can I take my lock home?

    NO. School issued locks stay in the locker room and NEVER leave the locke room.

    What do I do if I can't find my lock?

    Tell Mr. McGuiney immediately. Also look in your general area as it may be locked backwards on on another locker. Memorize your sticker/color # on the back of your lock so you know which one belongs to you.

    Who is responsible if I lose something?

    You are, as the student! Once Mr. McGuiney issues you a lock and locker your are responsible for all personal items. Becoming a responsible mature teenager is one of the most important lessons you will learn in the locker room environment?

    Why is my lock backwards?

    You left it unlocked at somepoint. Mr McGuiney during lunch and at the end of the school day places any unlocked locks backwards. This is my way of letting you know that you need to be more responsible. It's like locking your car so someone doesn't break in and steal something from you!

    Am I allowed to bring in my own lock from home?