• Injuries/Excuse Notes/Accomodations

    Unfortunately injuries occur with many students throughout the school year. Sometimes they occur in phys ed class, and a teacher or school nurse will make contact at home regarding what happened. Many times students become injured at sporting events or at home after school. Please make sure to follow up at school the next day with proper medical documentation that states the injury, restrictions, or accomodations needed in phys ed class. This should come from a doctor's office or a parent note stating that a doctor appointment has been scheduled. It is very important that you provide the school with proper medical notes so the school nurse, guidance counselors, and phys ed staff can make a determination on how to best handle the injury. Serious injuries such as concussions, students who are on crutches, leg boots, or heavy casts are many times placed in a study hall. Students placed in a study hall are "excused" from being graded in phys ed class during that time frame stated on the doctor's note. When phys ed supervision allows for it (minor injuries), we can place a student on an exercise bike or allow walking outdoors in phys ed class. This accomodation will be strictly based on what the doctor writes on the note, class size, and supervision by the PE teacher. Anytime you go to the the doctor for an injury, PLEASE BRING BACK A NOTE FROM THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE!

    PARENT NOTE - The phys ed staff will accept a parent note to excuse a student for 1 class. That parent note will expire after that day ended. Further medical notes from a doctor or athletic trainer will be needed to excuse students from further phys ed classes.

    DOCTOR/ATHLETIC TRAINER -  A note from a doctor or an email from the school's athletic trainer is the best method because we typically get clear guidelines and restrictions on the specific injury. If your son or daughter is only out of phys ed for a few days, they will remain in phys ed class, not get changed into their uniform, and just watch class activities. Students can take notes if they feel necessary. Students in this case are still responsible for "classwork" and information that may be included on a future quiz or class discussion on Schoology. Excusing a student for a long period of time is common if is it a serious injury. This would result in placing the student into a study hall.

    RETURN TO PARTICIPATION NOTE - Some original notes may list a "return to phys ed date" on them which is hepful for us. Many injuries however will require a follow up visit to the doctor. Please bring back a 2nd note that clears your son or daughter for participation and a full clearance return to phys ed class. Otherwise the original restrictions will remain in place. In some past cases where parents/student did not provide a follow up note, we will grade the student as "incomplete" in Skyward which has a negative impact. 


    What if I do not have a doctor's note? If you are not able to provide a doctor's note and your parent note has expired, you are expected to participate in phys ed class or you will receive a ZERO for class that day. The phys ed teachers are not doctors and cannot diagnose injuries. We will do our best to use our professional judgement to keep students in phys ed and also maintain a level of safety for the student.


    These policies and rules regarding injuries and notes are in place to:

    1. Prevent frequent visits to the school nurse for no apparent reason

    2. Prevent students who want to "sit out" of phys ed due to general laziness

    3. Maintain safety for the student

    4. Accomodate direct orders from a medical professional