• Phys Ed Uniforms - What do I need to know?



    • lightweight, dri-fit, "anti-sweat" material: - silver t-shirt matched along royal unisex athletic fit shorts with elastic/string waistband
    • total cost is $20 ($10 shirt and $10 shorts)
    • there is a label on both pieces where your son or daughter's name will be placed with a sharpie marker

    Policy and Rules:

    It is mandatory requirement to wear the Exeter JHS PE uniform for each PE class. This includes the blue shorts and gray t-shirt which need to be purchased at the beginning of the school year. Having a uniform policy ensures that each student is wearing appropriate clothing that is necessary for physical activity, exercise, and sport. Uniforms also help ensure safety. Sneakers must also be worn at all times. Open toed shoes, boots, or slip sandals are NOT allowed. Our unifroms also help teach students a sense of ownership and responsibility for their personal belongings. Certain PE uniform guidelines are also required at the high school level. We are trying to prepare students for what is coming ahead, as they get older.

    During the beginning of the year, if you do not bring in money for a uniform, I will still give your child a new pair of shorts and a t-shirt that fits them. An "obligation" or hold will be placed on your account and your son/daughter will NOT receive their report card until the obligation is paid off. If there is financial hardship at home, please email or call me to discuss options.

    Unprepared for Phys Ed Class? What happens?

    If you show up for PE class without your uniform (ex. left it at home, etc.) see your PE teacher in his/her office to borrow a pair for the day. This "borrowed uniform" gets returned at the end of class. If you borrow a PE uniform 3 times within a marking period, a discipline referral will be sent to the office and coded as "UNPREPARED FOR CLASS" in Skyward. Further discipline will come from the Assistant Principal. Students are expected to be prepared with their uniform each PE class, just like showing up to other academic classes prepared with their chromebook/learning materials.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How do I buy a PE uniform?  

    Uniforms will be distributed at the beginning of the school year to each student during PE classes. Students may bring in cash or check payable to Exeter Junior High School. Write your son or daughter's name in the memo section of the check. The cost is $20. Typically this takes place the week after Labor Day Weekend. Please do not send money into the main office, homeroom teacher, or bring money in the first day of school. Uniform $ will be collected by the PE teachers during class time. A uniform will be handed directly to your son or daughter in exchange. We will be writing your son or daughter's name on the "nameplate" portion of the uniform to avoid shirts and shorts becoming lost of stolen.

    Can I buy more than one uniform?

    Yes. It never hurts to have a back-up.

    How do I know what size to order?

    Sizes are listed in adult sizes. Mr. McGuiney and Mrs. Schmidt have years of experience doing this. We will be happy to size up your son or daughter and make sure we give them the appropriate size.

    Can I buy a uniform in the middle of the school year?

    Yes you can. Send money in with your child and your PE teacher will give him/her the sizes needed directly from the PE office in the locker room.

    Can I wear a hooded sweatshirt or sweatpants for PE class?

    Yes, as long as both of the following criteria take place:

    1. PE class is outside that day (no sweats worn when class is inside)

    2. The sweats are NOT what you wore to school. The whole point of changing into athletic attire is to avoid sweating, grass stains, and "smelling up" your "school clothes". 

    3. Your PE uniform is to be worn underneath any sweatshirt or sweatpants.

    When should I take my uniform home to get it washed?

    A good rule of thumb is to take it home on a Thursday or Friday so you have time to wash it, but remember to bring it back the next Monday! Usually washing it once every 2 weeks is a great idea!

    Can I use my uniform from an older sibling or from my 7th grade school year?