• Are you missing Assignments in PE class? Are you checking in Schoology or Skyward? Please read below...

    Parents and Students:

    The PE staff uses Schoology to enter grades which will sync and transfer into Skyward. Think of Schoology as the "textbook" for this course. Skyward is used to dsiplay the end result - "the report card grade". Most data and class information is entered into Schoology because it is more user friendly from a teacher and student standpoint, as we use it daily for a variety of things.

    We have been fielding a lot of questions about why some assignments and unit grades may be appearing in Skyward as missing with an *. Mr. McGuiney and Mrs. Schmidt share a Skyward and Schoology account, meaning we are in charge of grading every student in the school (650+). We are the only teachers in the district who share these accounts so it makes for a unique situation that we cannot control. For the 2nd and 3rd marking period students are split into 2 separate coed teams, the “Sixers” and the “Eagles”. Your son or daughter is on one of those teams. When one of the PE teachers creates an assignment or unit grade in Schoology, we have the option to assign it specifically to the team we are teaching, which is very helpful when trying to sort and grade 70 students on the same class list. 

    Schoology will display an accurate list of the quizzes, class writing prompts, and unit grades your son or daughter is responsible for. Unfortunately, when syncing grades over the to official Skyward gradebook, this is NOT the case. If you view your phys ed grade in Skyward, it will display both Mr. McGuiney’s and Mrs. Schmidt's class writing prompts/quizzes and display them as missing *. This can be confusing, however your son or daughter is only responsible for work assigned by the phys ed teacher they are currently in rotation with. It is a technology glitch in Skwyard that we have no control over. These “missing” asterisks are not counting against you. 

    Remember: for PHYS ED class, always check your grade in SCHOOLOGY, NOT SKYWARD. This will display any comments from your PE teacher and also display missing assignments specifically assigned from your "team's" teacher. If you still have questions, have your son or daughter come speak to us in the locker room during changing time and we will clear up any confusion.