Health Overview

  • With our ever-evolving focus on health and wellness in our school and community, the elementary physical education department incorporates a health component into your child's elementary experience. Health class continues to be a "special" that your child attends in addition to physical education class.


    Our vigorous and exciting health curriculum was designed around our PA state standards.


    Topics that will be covered at all grade levels (K-4) include:

    • Healthful Living

      Examples: Germs, Hand washing, Decision Making, Friends, Respect

    • Safety and Injury Prevention

    • Examples: Outdoor Safety, Heimlich, Safety at home, Stranger safety


    • Nutrition

    • Examples: MyPlate (New replacement for food pyramid), Nutrition labels, Sometimes foods, etc. 


    • Drug Awareness

      Examples: Candy vs. Medicine, Effects of drugs, Dangers/Helpful aspects of drugs, Drugs vs. Medicines, Drug Abuse, etc.

      • 4th grade will explore specific illegal drugs and their effects on the body. Please email me at if you would like a list of the drugs discussed.

    • Human Growth and Development

    • Basic body systems (Skeletal, Muscular, Circulatory, Digestive, Nervous, Respiratory), senses, growth and development changes, etc. , Changes in body during and after exercise, Physical Fitness tests and their meaning, etc.




    I'd also like to ask for your vital help and support as we strive to develop healthy skills in your son or daughter including choosing healthy foods, choosing to exercise for 60 minutes a day, and making good decisions in regards to his or her well-being.




    Mark Ricketts

    Lorane Health and P.E. specialist