• School Board Overview


    2020 School Board Pictures
    Top Row (L-R): Dr. Ann Hearing, Hunter Ahrens, Allison Wilson (VP), Dr. David Hemberger (President), Hurey Miller 
    Bottom Row (L-R): John Fidler, Michael Jupina, Sharon McLendon, Michele Stratton



    The Board functions utilizing eight committees. The committees are as follows: Athletic - Mike Jupina, chairperson and member Hunter Ahrens; Business Functions - Hunter Ahrens, chairperson and member John Fidler; Curriculum - Dr. Sharon McLendon, chairperson and member Allison Wilson; Facilities and District Growth & Development -  John Fidler, chairperson and member Hurey Miller; Personnel - Allison Wilson, chairperson and member Mike Jupina; Policy - Dr. Dave Hemberger, chairperson and member Hurey Miller; Student Functions - Michele Stratton, chairperson and member Dr. Ann Hearing; Technology - Hurey Miller, chairperson and member Dr. Ann Hearing.

    The public is welcome to attend Board meetings which begin at 7 p.m. and are held in the district administration building (former Lausch Elementary School). Workshop sessions are held the second Tuesday of each month, except July, and voting meetings are held the third Tuesday.  The Curriculum Committee meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month (prior to the Workshop Meeting), except July.  Other committee meetings are scheduled as needed.  
    All Exeter Township School Board Meeting agendas are accessible through our new software, BoardDocs®Click here to access BoardDocs®.