• Spectator Information for Fall 2020 Athletics


    There is a lot of information here pertaining to spectating athletic events, therefore please be sure to read through this in its entirety.  Athletics are an integral part of our district’s total educational program, and it has been exciting to watch our students practice and prepare for the start of the fall season using the procedures and protocols outlined in our ETSD Athletic Health and Safety Plan

    In planning for fall athletic events, Berks County school districts have collaboratively developed procedures that align with both legislative mandates and the guidelines/recommendations from the PIAA and the Berks County Interscholastic Athletic Association. The information below reflects the current status of the Governor’s order dated September 2, 2020 and is consistent with all athletic venues across our BCIAA League.  You can view the BCIAA Fall 2020 recommendations on their website.

    The following guidelines will be implemented during the Fall 2020 sports season:

  • Indoor Events:

    There is a 25 person limit to all indoor events. Girls Volleyball and Water Polo are the only indoor competitions to be held in the fall. Unfortunately, due to the number of participants, coaches, referees, game officials and lines-persons, the 25 person limit is met WITHOUT the ability for spectators to attend. As such, neither home nor visiting spectators will be permitted. This includes both Senior and Junior High levels for Volleyball.

  • Outdoor Events:

    Outdoor events are limited to 250 people. With the exception of football, other Fall sports can occur without much interruption. The Athletic Directors of both teams will ensure that, collectively, the number of participants, coaches, referees, game officials and spectators does not exceed the 250 person limit. This applies to events held within and outside of the gated fields/stadium.
    For all Cross Country and Tennis matches, spectators are asked to social distance from all other spectators, as well as from the teams.  Spectators should only attend for the race or match that their child is participating in and then leave the school premise as soon as it is completed. 
    Football, by the very nature of the number of participants (players, coaches, referees, band members, cheerleaders, and game officials) will require limitations on spectators. In order to ensure that the home team families can watch their child participate, visiting spectators will NOT be permitted. The home team will determine the protocol for allowing home spectators to attend the contests (to include parents, staff, photographers, press/media, etc.).
    Everyone attending the sporting event, including coaches, officials, athletes on the sidelines, staff, and spectators, age 2 and older must wear face coverings (masks or face shields), unless they are outdoors and can consistently maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet.  However, attendance at any event is subject to appropriate behavior and adherence to our health and safety plans. Anyone who refuses to adhere to our guidelines will be asked to leave.
    For all outdoor Junior High events, the BCIAA asks that no more than two (2) parents/family members attend any given contest.  Most outdoor Junior High facilities are in open spaces where parents can socially distance themselves from other families.  Any member school who has a facility that will need to further limit attendance at a Junior High competition will notify their  opponents in advance of those restrictions and procedures.

    Berks County Athletic Directors are working to ensure that varsity football, boys/girls soccer, water polo, field hockey and girls volleyball events will be live streamed to the general public.
    Concession stands will NOT be open.
    If spectators are permitted, ticket prices will be $6.00 for Adults and $3.00 for Students.  NO passes will be accepted this Fall 2020 season.
    Exeter Township student athletes will receive more specific information from their coaches/advisors.
    PLEASE NOTE: Other school districts may have additional rules in place. Please be sure you understand the rules at other school district’s events should you choose to be a spectator at an away event, when permitted.

  • Additional Information


    We encourage our families and community to take advantage of the livestreaming that we will be providing for many of our home athletic contests. Most home events will be streamed from YouTube on our Exeter Senior High School E4 Channel.  More information about live streaming is available on our website and on the Athletic Departments Twitter account.  The BCIAA maintains a list of streaming sites for other schools that can be used to stream away conference games.  

    We recognize these are trying times for our student-athletes and their families and that the orders/recommendations can change at any time. We are doing our best to work through the orders and guidance as it is provided while remaining attentive to the needs and concerns of our school community. We also need your assistance to help provide a safe and orderly forum for our student athletes and related staff as we open our campuses for these activities.
    Full press release from PIAA:
    Please contact the Athletic Office at 610-779-7949 with any questions.