Morning Reading Club Overview

Morning Reading Club
    Research tells us that the more students read, the more fluent they become and the better they comprehend. Unfortunately, research also tells us that watching television dominates all other leisure activities for U.S. residents. Each day average Americans spend two and a half hours watching television and only 30 minutes reading (U.S. Department of Labor Study). Younger Americans on average spend two hours a day watching TV and only seven minutes a day reading for pleasure (U.S. Department of Education Survey).

    In an effort to increase our students’ leisure reading time as well as to instill in them a lifelong love of reading, we have formed the
Morning Reading Club (M.R.C.). Each morning students are invited to silently enjoy a good book in a comfortable setting surrounded by students and staff who enjoy doing the same. On special occasions guest readers are brought in to share their favorite stories or poems and to serve as positive reading role models.  So far this year, students have enjoyed stories by Ms. Laura Cozzens and Mrs. Lori Bignotti.  M.R.C. members are also given the opportunity to participate in our Readers’ Theater Program. Here in the tradition of old time radio, students are trained by Mrs. Fuller to read expressively, communicating emotion and feeling through their voices. They are then given the opportunity to perform their “craft” in front of their classmates   .
 We also have a new way for our readers to become involved in their school and their community, the Readers are Leaders group.  Our first project is a partnership with the Canine Valley Dog Center.  Under the guidance of our librarian, Ms.Lindsay Stilwell  and dog trainer Mrs. Sharon Messersmith, students are recording their voices while reading dog books written by local author, Mrs. Shirley Kitner-Mainello.  The CD recordings of these stories will then be used to sensitize shelter dogs to childrens' voices, which will be helpful in their training and eventual adoption.  Our next project is called "Read to Feed" and is sponsored by the Heifer International Organization.
    The M.R.C. is open to all Reiffton students each morning from 8:00 to 8:17 AM. Membership is free. All reading materials are self-selected. Students wishing to join our club should bring their books and report to the lower Fifth Grade Commons Area upon arrival. Reading Aide Mrs.Fuller, Guidance Counselor Mrs. Rheaume, and Reading Specialist Mr. Myers, hope to see your children there.