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(Handy document includes MLA Citation Fundamentals, Examples of Popular Sources, MLA Web Rules, MLA Parenthetical Citations) 
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                                                   MLA Quick Guide
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NEW!!!!          MLA Handbook for
The Web site includes the full text of the print volume (with over two hundred additional examples), several research project narratives, sample papers, and additional resources.
See Mrs. McFarland for the login and password or visit the library.
                                 This site offers up-to-date research methods.
                        BedFord St. Martin's Research Center
                               This site has it all: sample papers in both APA and MLA,       
                                      citation examples, and source lists.

     Citing APA and MLA
The Writing Center @the University of Wisconsin at Madison
                    A+ Research & Writing                                  for high school and college students
                   This site offers writing advice and provides grammar and usage guides.
                Bib Tools (Citation Makers)
Primary vs. Secondary Sources


Note Card and Source Card and Works Cited Samples and Instructions 
Evaluating Internet Sources PowerPoint